Welcome to the KarmaEdit

Welcome to Karma-Roleplays official wiki page. Here you can find pages on characters, events, episodes, and more!

What is Karma?Edit

Karma is divided into 3 planned parts. Arc 1 is Karma Academia.

Karma Academia takes place in the small town of Carmea. This whole town is built around the Carmea Academy. Everyone that lives in it is somehow related to the school system. The school itself is only for monsters and demons who plan on living in the human world. This school prepares these creatures for life. The main characters are Jaxon Reeds and Kouri Mori. These two are roommates, and close friends at the current time.

Arc 2 was unofficially announced on May 20th at the first ever podcast.

Latest activityEdit

Karma Academia poster by our lead artist, Kouri.

Karma academia poster by theartisticgamergirl-db0jr6f

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